Shir Azari

The Little Things About Me

- I'm afraid of the dark

- I have anxiety being home alone

- I love summer

- I love dogs

- If I could live in California, I would

- I've watched Disney Channel growing up, and stopped when I graduated high school

- I love being the centre of attention (in most cases)

- I am an extroverted introvert (i think)

- I've had a crush on Zac Efron for 14 years and counting

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my ultimate favourite show

- I don't like horror or scary movies but I am obsessed with the show "YOU" on Netflix

- I'm scared of spiders but think other insects are cool

- I love taking photos of flowers and plants during my nature walks with my boyfriend

- I'd rather be sitting on my bed watching Netflix than go to the gym

- I am team Starbucks cause they are the only coffee shop I like that has Almond Milk or Coconut Milk options, cause I'm allergic to dairy

- I've always loved music, singing, and performing. It gives me this rush of adrenaline that you may get from riding a roller coaster

- Music ignites the fire in my heart to keep improving myself in every aspect of life



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