Shir Azari

Shir Azari_117.jpg

The Little Things About Me

I'm afraid of the dark

I have anxiety being home alone

I love summer

I love dogs

If I could live in California, I would

I subscribed to Disney+ just to re-watch Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Suite Life on Deck,
Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, & That's So Raven as an adult

I love being the centre of attention (in most cases)

I am an extroverted introvert (i think)

I've had a crush on Zac Efron for 15 years and counting

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is ultimately my favourite show

Because of that I kind of have a celebrity crush on Andy Samberg too

I don't like horror or scary movies but for some reason I love the show "YOU" on Netflix

I'm scared of spiders but think other insects are cool

I love taking photos of flowers and plants during my nature walks with my boyfriend

I'd rather be sitting on my bed watching Netflix than go to the gym

I am team Starbucks cause they are the only coffee shop I like that has
almond, coconut, or oat milk options, cause I'm allergic to dairy

I've always loved music, singing, and performing. It gives me this rush of adrenaline
that you may get from riding a roller coaster

Music ignites the fire in my heart to keep improving myself in every aspect of life